Corporate Governance

At Liontown, we believe that strong corporate governance is essential for maintaining the trust of our stakeholders and ensuring that our business operates in an ethical, transparent and sustainable manner.

We are committed to maintaining a culture of accountability, integrity, and transparency and we believe that our corporate governance practices are an important aspect of our long-term success.

We have a strong Corporate Governance System that ensures we consistently operate in accordance with our Vision and Values, including compliance with all relevant legal and statutory obligations.



Audit Committee

Nomination Committee

Renumeration Committee

Sustainability and Risk Committee

Policies & Procedures

2023 Corporate Governance Statement

ESG Statement

Environment Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Climate Change Policy

Aboriginal Engagement Policy

Statement of Values

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Securities Trading Policy

Risk Management Policy

Shareholder Communication and Investor Relations Policy

Compliance Procedures

Policy on Continuous Disclosure

Code of Conduct

Diversity Policy

Policy and Procedure for the Selection and (Re)Appointment of Directors and Senior Executives

Process for Performance Evaluations

Human Rights Policy