We are committed to managing our operations in a manner that demonstrates best practice in environmental stewardship.

Responsible Water Management

Water is essential to the lithium extraction process, yet it is a scarce and expensive resource. The primary issue of the Tjiwarl Native Title Holders is the management of water sources and runoff.

We will source water from bore fields developed on existing mining permits, supplemented by mine dewatering and return flows from the process plant’s tailings storage facility. Once the Kathleen Valley mine becomes operational, we will maximise water recycling from the tailings dam and paste filling processes.

Waste Management

Mine waste is a significant concern as it can cause widespread land disturbance and have long-term effects on the environment.

We are extremely cautious about waste and hazardous material management and have conducted various studies to evaluate the mine’s waste impact once it is operational.

We are committed to minimising waste from metal extraction processes and disposing of hazardous material, including tailings, in a responsible manner.