Our ESG Approach

Our approach to ESG recognises the importance of managing the significant short, medium and long-term economic, environmental and social impacts of our flagship Kathleen Valley Lithium Project.

We will balance these impacts to achieve a positive and measurable impact for our host communities, the Kathleen Valley project region, Western Australia and, more broadly, for Australia. It is our aspiration to establish a world-class ESG framework at this stage of Liontown’s development, not because it is something global investors and the market increasingly request; we are doing it because of our values and our strong overall commitment to do the right thing for all stakeholders.

Our ESG activity commenced concurrently with the Kathleen Valley Lithium Project Definitive Feasibility Study and it sets the foundation for how we are approaching ESG as our company transitions from exploration to development through to the operational phase of Kathleen Valley. Incorporating the right approach from the outset means the work we do now positions us well for the future.

Our ESG governance framework is based around our five key pillars:

Our ESG Pillars

and Protecting

with Others

Developing Natural Resources Responsibly

Creating Social
and Economic Value

with Integrity

Respecting and protecting
  • Respecting and protecting everyone who is part of us
  • A sense of team to ensure we are all safe and included
Partnering with others
  • We partner with customers and suppliers who can demonstrate their ESG credentials
  • We must ensure that the raw materials we produce are extracted efficiently and responsibly
Developing natural resources responsibly
  • The materials we will produce are a critical input to global decarbonisation
  • It is our responsibility to produce them with the lowest possible carbon footprint and manage the environmental impact at every stage
Creating social and economic value
  • Delivering real value from the lands on which we will operate
  • Setting a new benchmark for the mining industry in WA in recognising and protecting Heritage and Country
Operating with integrity
  • Demonstrating leadership through the governance mechanisms we have in place
  • We will do what we say we do, for the right reason and with respect