Kathleen Valley Project: Tjiwarl Country

Our Kathleen Valley Lithium Project is situated on Tjiwarl land, in a culturally and environmentally significant region. The Tjiwarl have been recognised as the holders of common law native title over the project area.

The Tjiwarl have a strong connection to the area where we will mine and, Jones Creek, a significant seasonal watercourse, is featured in their songline and dreamtime. The laws and stories that govern the Tjiwarl are included in the songlines. The biodiversity in this area – animals, rock formations, trees, and plants – is inextricably related to Tjiwarl culture and we are deeply conscious of this cultural relationship.

We are proud to have signed a Native Title Agreement with the Tjiwarl Native Title Holders in November 2021.

We have undertaken cultural mapping and archaeological studies with the Tjiwarl Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (Tjiwarl AC) to better understand the cultural heritage landscape in the development region and we have partnered with them to limit the project’s impact on Aboriginal sites. A Cultural Heritage Management Protocol that details all project operations addresses cultural heritage protection as a vital issue. This Protocol, along with the Native Title Agreement, will serve as the foundation for our relationship with the Tjiwarl.

Buldania Project: Ngadju Country

Our Buldania Lithium Project is situated on tenements that are subject to the Ngadju Determined Native Title Claim.  Avoca, the tenement holder, has an access agreement with the Ngadju people that will apply to our exploration activities.