Partnering with others

At Liontown, we understand that ESG is a collective responsibility that requires collaboration and partnership.

We partner with customers and suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability so that, together, we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

We carefully select our partners based on their ability to demonstrate strong ESG credentials. We work with suppliers who share our values of social responsibility and ethical business practices, and we prioritise collaboration with customers who also prioritise sustainability in their operations.

As a responsible business, we recognise the impact that our operations have on the environment. We are committed to ensuring that the raw materials we produce are extracted efficiently and responsibly. This includes implementing measures to reduce waste and emissions, promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations, and sourcing materials from responsible suppliers.

Our partnerships extend beyond our immediate supply chain. We work with local communities to understand their needs and priorities and we collaborate other organisations to support social and environmental initiatives that align with our values.

Through contracts with our suppliers, we facilitate business opportunities for businesses of our Traditional Owners as our aim is to create genuine wealth for Tijwarl people that isn’t just tied to our operation, it is everlasting.

Partnering with others is key to achieving our ESG goals. By working together, we can create a more sustainable future for everyone. To achieve our ESG goals, our commitment to partnering with others are:

  • We seek to engage suppliers who have a commitment to environmental and social responsibility
  • We encourage Tjiwarl member owned business to tender for works contracts