We ‘Braved the Shave’ to make a difference for people living with leukaemia

Last week, we came together, in our Perth office and on site at Kathleen Valley, and participated in the 2024 World’s Greatest Shave campaign to raise awareness of leukaemia and funds to help the Leukaemia Foundation deliver support and research.

Thanks to your incredible response to the campaign, Liontown has so far raised over $24,000!

The Great Liontown Hair Raiser events kicked off in Perth with a lunch that coincided with Harmony Day. Staff brought food from their country of origin to share with the rest of the team. This provided a phenomenal spread, ranging from African biltong to Indonesian pancakes, the most gourmet vegemite scrolls anyone had tasted, meat pies, Italian cannoli and everything in between.

In between tasting foods from all over the world, staff coloured their hair brightly with wigs or spray paint to raise awareness for leukaemia and encourage donations to the cause. Liontown Chair Tim Goyder delivered a moving speech, sharing his personal connection with the Leukaemia Foundation and the importance of supporting those living with blood cancer.

Later that evening on site, an outdoor BBQ was held for the dinner service, where General Manager Aaron Nankivell and Purchasing Officer Aaron Weal bravely shaved their heads, inspiring many others to follow suit. Many of the team members who shaved their heads also shared moving stories with the rest of the team of the impact that leukaemia has had on their lives. As an alternative to ‘the shave’, people opted to brightly colour their hair, beards and moustaches and the team rallied up donations across the camp.

Approximately 135,000 Australians are currently battling blood cancer, many of whom face financial struggles due to their inability to work. The funds we raised will go a long way in providing practical and emotional support services to patients and their families, ensuring they have the assistance they need during challenging times.

Additionally, the donations will support researchers on their mission to make groundbreaking discoveries that could lead to a cure for blood cancer. Every dollar raised brings hope to those affected by this devastating disease, providing vital resources to help them through their journey.

We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who generously donated to the cause, transformed their hair, dedicated their time to transforming their team members’ hair, and contributed to the running of the events.

It’s not too late to donate. If you would like to help us make a difference, head to the World’s Greatest Shave Liontown Resources Donation Page.