Liontown executes Paste Plant EPC contract

We have executed an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with GR Engineering Services Limited (GRES) for the delivery and commissioning of the paste plant facility to support the underground mining operations at Kathleen Valley. 

The Paste Plant will include two trains capable of producing up to 160m³ of paste per hour and has been designed to accommodate future expansion of mining operations to 4Mtpa. Delivery of cemented paste fill is an integral part of the underground mining cycle at Kathleen Valley, maximising recovery of the underground orebody and planned production rates, as well as reducing the size of the surface tailings dam that would otherwise be required. The Paste Plant has also been designed to facilitate dry stacking and water recovery, further increasing the amount of recycled water the site utilises. 

The EPC is a standalone project, with the second train brought forward to provide latent capacity to derisk underground mining operations, enable water recovery and to capture cost economies associated with constructing the two trains together. Valued at approximately $71 million, the EPC forms part of planned and budgeted next stage of growth capital costs post first production and funding is contemplated under the recently announced A$550m financing facility. GRES have progressed the design, procurement and initial site works under an early works agreement to ensure timely delivery of the Paste Plant