Liontown awards Kathleen Valley Village Services Contract

We are pleased to share that we have awarded the Kathleen Valley Village Services contract to Sirrom Corporation.

The award follows a rigorous tender process, during which Sirrom Corporation showcased its extensive experience and distinctive service offerings that we believe will play a crucial role in enhancing the success of Liontown’s Kathleen Valley operation and life on site.

Under the contract, Sirrom Corporation are responsible for the management of the Kathleen Valley Dragonfly Village, including the dining offerings, site-wide cleaning services, and running of the on-site café, retail shop, tavern, and gym.

Sirrom Corporation has committed to sustainably delivering a high quality of dining options and engaging social spaces at our project, ensuring our hard-working team has an enjoyable home away from home to unwind and relax in whilst minimising our impacts on the environment.

Their services will enhance the comforts already provided through the design of the Dragonfly Village at Kathleen Valley, including the state-of-the-art gym and sports courts, modern facilities and larger-sized rooms.

Importantly to Liontown, Sirrom Corporation has also committed to working closely with the Tjiwarl Traditional Owners to support us in creating social and economic value for the local communities.

Awarding the contract is another significant milestone for the Kathleen Valley Lithium Project as we prepare for first production and steady-state operations, on track to commence mid-2024.

About Sirrom Corporation

Established in 1966 and operating at over 30 locations across the country, Sirrom Corporation is an Australian-owned business that has extensive experience supporting remote accommodation facilities for mining operations.