Kathleen Valley Lithium Project Continues at Pace: Progress Update 3

Kathleen Valley has undergone an incredible transformation since our last progress update video in February 2023.


The team has made excellent progress in the construction of the process plant and the project remains on schedule. The SAG mill foundation concrete work is now complete and structural steel works are underway. Structures are expanding over the full footprint of the plant and have well and truly come out from the ground.


The design of the Kathleen’s Corner Pit has been optimised to produce even more ore than originally planned and steady state operations are underway. The team are currently opening up the Kathleen Corner pit to reach the large ore bodies, developing the Mt Mann box cut for future underground operations and stockpiling direct shipping ore. Over the life of the mine our aim is to produce net zero waste.

Non-Processing Infrastructure

Upgrades to the Jones Creek crossing have begun and are being done in a way that minimises our environmental impact in this culturally significant area. Construction of the camp is nearing completion with more than 600 rooms now available. Early works have begun on the 95MW Hybrid Power Station with the first of 30,000 solar panels already on site.

We are fast charging to production in mid-2024.