Earth Day at Liontown

In April, Liontown came together to support Earth Day and its 2024 theme: ‘Planet vs. Plastic’. Spearheaded by ESG Graduate Advisor, Chelsea Rushton, events were held in Kathleen Valley and in Perth to raise awareness and make a positive impact for the environment. 

Up on site, the ESG team ran a clean-up Kathleen Valley event. Dedicated volunteers, including Jack Jones and Kate Meyers (pictured) from our Work Health & Safety Team, took time out of their day to collect rubbish in the local area surrounding our project. Heritage monitors accompanied the group to ensure anything of cultural significance was protected.

At our Perth Office, employees were encouraged to bring in old jars, pots, cups and other containers to create mini native flowering gardens. This not only repurposed and recycled materials but helped promote pollinator-friendly plants and increase biodiversity across Perth’s suburbs.

Outside of these two events, we’ve implemented a suite of initiatives to reduce single-use plastics being sent to landfill. At Kathleen Valley, this includes a waste sorting system, participating in the Containers for Change program, and supplying our team with reusable food containers and compostable cutlery.

We are committed to minimising our environmental impacts as we work towards supporting the world’s transition to a more sustainable future.